Keep your everyday items safe, organized, and easily accessible with these DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns!

If you want to streamline your living space using crochet skills, try these creative DIY crochet organizer patterns. They are easy to make with a few supplies.

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DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns

1. Crochet Earbud Organizer

DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 1

Have you ever pulled out your earbuds from a bag or pocket only to find them tangled? With this crochet earbud holder, you can keep them organized and safe.

2. Bedside Organizer CaddyDIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 2

If you don’t have a bedside table but still want to keep your goggles, remote control, and smartphone close at hand in the bedroom, crochet this organizer.

3. Crochet Wall Hanging Organizer

DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 3

Show off your crochet skills by making this wall-hanging organizer. This project requires the knowledge of ch, sc, hdc, and ss stitches. Get the free pattern in this article.

4. Crochet Toy Organizer Hammock Pattern

DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 4

If you need more storage space for your child’s stuffed animals? Simple crochet this super easy toy storage net hammock using basic crochet stitches and this tutorial.

5. DIY Crochet Pen Pencil Holder

DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 5

Featuring waistcoat stitches, this holder is great for tidying up your pen and pencil collection. If you want to make one, check this tutorial.

6. Zippered Bag Crochet PatternDIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 6

This crochet bag makes a great accessory bag, pencil case, or makeup bag. It has a zipper that helps you safely store and carry your stuff on the go.

7. Crochet Remote Control Caddy

DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 7

While sitting on a comfy chair, if you need a TV remote in close proximity, then crochet this remote control caddy. Watch this video tutorial for detailed instructions.

8. Crochet Walker Tote Bag

DIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 8

Surprise your elderly loved ones by making this organizer that can be attached securely to the walker. It will help keep their essential items at arm’s length.

9. Crochet Plastic Grocery Bag HolderDIY Crochet Organizer Patterns 9

Don’t know where to store all those plastic grocery bags that you got from the stores? Make this plastic grocery bag holder and say goodbye to the storage woes.

10. Bathroom Supplies Organizer

Bathroom Supplies Organizer

Follow this easy-to-do tutorial to make an elegant yet functional bathroom supplies organizer using curtain hooks, needles, and yarn skein.

11. Crochet Earring Holder

Crochet Earring Holder

This boho-chic earring holder not only organizes your favorite jewelry but also lets you display them in style. The best part is that it only costs $10.

12. DIY Crochet Hook Roll Pattern

Ammonite Crochet Hook Roll Pattern

If you’re a crochet fanatic, then you may have a large collection of different-sized hooks. Keep them in one place with this handy crochet hook storage roll.

13. DIY Crochet Spa BasketDIY Crochet Spa Basket

Learn how to craft your own spa basket with this easy crochet project. It’s perfect for organizing essential bathroom supplies in one place.

14. Crochet Makeup Brush

Crochet Makeup Brush

Instead of purchasing a makeup brush holder, make one at home using crochet skills and this tutorial. It also makes a great gift for a makeup artist.

15. DIY Crochet Hanging Baskets Pattern

DIY Crochet Hanging Baskets Pattern

Made from linked half double crochet stitch, these hanging baskets are perfect for storing keys, wallets, pens, pencils, nailcutters, and other small everyday items.

16. Crochet Drawstring Makeup Bag

Crochet Drawstring Makeup Bag

This drawstring makeup bag is easy to crochet with size 5 yarn and simple, increasing rounds. It’s great for those makeup lovers who frequently travel.

17. Crochet Wall Pocket Organizer

Crochet Wall Pocket Organizer

Maximize the storage capacity of your living space or office with this wall pocket organizer. Get the step-by-step instructions in this article.

18. Crochet Fabric Bowl

Crochet Fabric Bowl

Made with strips of fabric, this bowl is great for storing and organizing your collection of yarn. You can also use it to display fruits and other stuff.

19. Free Crochet Basket Pattern

Free Crochet Basket Pattern

This crochet basket is ideal for stashing toys, towels, toiletries, scarves, caps, or yarn scraps. It uses the lemon peel stitch, which is a combination of single and double crochet stitches.

20. T-Shirt Yarn Hanging Basket Crochet Pattern

T-Shirt Yarn Hanging Basket Crochet Pattern

Next on this list of DIY crochet organizer patterns are hanging baskets. They let you corral different types of stuffed toys, such as ducks, unicorns, bunnies, and teddy bears.

21. Crochet Monster Toy Storage Bag

Crochet Monster Toy Storage Bag

Are you seeking a crochet project to organize your kiddo’s LEGO and magnet blocks? Look no further and check out this monster-themed bag tutorial.

21. Crochet Toilet Paper Basket

Crochet Toilet Paper Basket

If you have out-of-storage options in your less-spacious powder rooms, crochet this basket to organize toilet paper rolls. You can place it on the toilet tank or vanity countertop.

22. Nail Polish Bottles Organizer

Nail Polish Bottles Organizer

Keep your nail polish collection in order using this simple crochet project. It can also let you store make-up brushes, lipsticks, and other small items.

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