Create your own mini underwater world in the living space with these amazing Sea Creatures Free Crochet Patterns!

Crocheting marine animals is not only fun but also a great way to improve your amigurumi skills. If you want to make some for your ocean-themed home decor, read this article for some fantastic crochet patterns. They are easy to make and ideal for all levels of crocheters.

Sea Creatures Free Crochet Patterns

1. Puffer Fish Amigurumi Pattern

Sea Creatures Free Crochet 1

This puffer fish amigurumi is made in one color of yarn using a 3.5mm crochet hook and basic stitching techniques. It will be a great addition to home decor and kid’s toy collection.

2. Crochet Jellyfish Free Pattern

Sea Creatures Free Crochet 2

Complete your crochet terrarium by making this cute jellyfish. It’s about 15 to 18 inches long, with the head about 5 inches across.

3. Crochet An Octopus Free Pattern

Sea Creatures Free Crochet 3

Want to crochet a realistic octopus like the one in this image? Simply check out this YouTube visual tutorial and bring this eight-handed sea creature to life.

4. No-Sew Plushy Turtle Design

Sea Creatures Free Crochet 4

This adorable turtle amigurumi plush can be crocheted in an hour with some basic stitches. The best part is that it’s a no-sew project, so you don’t have to worry about turning on a sewing machine.

5. Crochet Baby Seal Pattern

Crochet Baby Seal Pattern

If you find baby seals adorable, then crochet a plush version with this tutorial. Its pattern is worked in rounds unless otherwise instructed.

6. Free Starfish Crochet Pattern

Free Starfish Crochet Pattern

Do you know the single crochet, increase, decrease, single crochet decrease, and chain techniques? If so, this starfish crochet project will be an easy task for you.

7. Giant Squid Crochet Pattern

Easy Sea Creatures Free Crochet Patterns 4

Learn how to crochet a 40 inches tall giant squid using worsted-weight yarn and polyfill stuffing. Its body is worked from the top, starting with the mantle in continuous rounds, so avoid joining or turning at the end of each round.

8. Mommy and Baby Seahorse Crochet Pattern

Beautiful Sea Creatures Free Crochet Ideas

This mother and baby seahorse amigurumi duo is an excellent gift option for a fellow crocheter or a kiddo who loves aquatic animals. Read this guide for the crocheting instructions.

9. Quick Crochet Plush Stingray in 45 Minutes

Beautiful Sea Creatures Free Crochet Ideas 2

Watch this visual tutorial to crochet a 10 cm wide and 9 cm long stingray in just 45 minutes. It can be used as a keychain charm or plush toy.

10. Giant Shark Amigurumi Pattern

Beautiful Sea Creatures Free Crochet Ideas 4

Follow this post to craft a soft and cuddly giant shark amigurumi that can also double as a pillow. It’s an ideal crochet project for beginners and experienced crocheters.

11. Free Amigurumi Crochet Clownfish Pattern

 Sea Creatures

This list of crocheted marine creatures would be incomplete without a clownfish plush toy. It’s approximately 14 cm long and made using joined rounds.

12. Adorable Penguin Crochet Pattern

 Sea Creatures 2

This super adorable crocheted penguin is an excellent table decor piece and the perfect cuddling friend for a toddler. Get the free pattern in this post.

13. DIY Walrus Amigurumi Toy

 Sea Creatures 3

Watch this video tutorial to craft a realistic walrus featuring long teeth using amigurumi art. It’s a great project for beginners to start their crocheting journey.

14. Humpback Whale Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

 Sea Creatures 4

Make your loved one’s birthday unforgettable by gifting him/her this fluffy whale amigurumi. It can also be used to bring sea vibes to any home and office decor setting.

15. Crochet Dolphin Toy Free Pattern

Crochet Dolphin Toy Free Pattern

If a dolphin is your favorite sea creature, bring it to life with the help of this article and crocheting skills. You can customize the color and size of the dolphin accordingly.

16. Blue Baby Shark Amigurumi Pattern

Blue Baby Shark Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet this 8 cm long baby shark and flaunt amigurumi skills before your family members. Find the list of supplies and instructions in this article.