Check out these DIY Crochet Terrarium Ideas to bring greenery indoors without worrying about their watering and sunlight requirements!

Are you looking for ways to combine nature and crochet into your home decor but haven’t succeeded? These crocheted terrarium ideas are just what you need. Read on to learn more about these amazing projects.

DIY Crochet Terrarium Ideas

1. Crocheted Cactus Terrarium Idea

DIY Crochet Terrarium 1

Place some handcrafted flowering cactuses inside a large mason jar and your crochet terrarium is ready to flaunt its beauty. It will be a great decor piece for a coffee table, fireplace mantel, and floating shelf.

2. Hanging Amigurumi Crochet Terrarium

DIY Crochet Terrarium 2

Show off your love for plants and crochet by making this lovely hanging terrarium. The best part is that it doesn’t need any care or maintenance at all.

3. Crochet Moss Terrarium Free Pattern

Crochet Moss Terrarium Free Pattern

Do you have a black thumb but still want to include greenery indoors? Make this crochet terrarium featuring moss wool clumps, pug beads, fake turf, and tiny mushrooms.

4. Mini Crochet Moss Ball and Coral Terrarium

Mini Crochet Moss Ball Terrarium

In this YouTube video tutorial, the crafter creates a mini terrarium with a crocheted coral and moss ball inside a tiny glass jar. It can be used as a keychain charm or a decorative Christmas tree ornament.

5. Gnome Terrarium Idea

Easy Crochet Terrarium Ideas

This lovely festive-themed terrarium is adorned with two crocheted trees, vintage German cotton-spun mushrooms, a plastic gnome, and crochet rocks. You can place it on the windowsill or in the center of the dining table.

6. Geometric Terrarium with Crocheted Cacti

Bitty Terrarium with Crocheted Cacti

How about this 4″ geometric terrarium adorned with a 2″ tall barrel cactus and some pebbles? This eye-grabbing piece is an excellent, thoughtful gift for plant lovers and crochet enthusiasts.

7. DIY Tiny Crochet Tree Terrarium Idea

Tiny Crochet Tree in a Bottle Terrarium

Gather a 1.00mm hook, crochet thread, needle, 4x2cm bottle, craft glue, toothpick, and brown marker to recreate this tiny tree terrarium. You must be familiar with sc, dc, and hdc stitches to try this free pattern.

8. Glass Terrarium with Crocheted Colorful Succulents

Glass Terrarium with Crocheted Colorful Succulents

Are you looking for a handmade gift for a fellow crocheter who also loves plants? A large glass jar terrarium with crocheted aloe vera, cacti, and flowering plants is the best option.

9. Custom Bell Jar Crochet Terrarium

Custom Bell Jar Crochet Terrarium

A bell jar with crocheted red and yellow flowering cacti can be a great focal point for the living area and bedroom. However, to execute this project, you must have knowledge of amigurumi art.