Stay comfortable and stylish during hot, sunny days by making cool garments with these Free Mesh Vest Crochet Patterns!

Transform simple balls of yarn into trendy summer outfits with these mesh vest crochet projects. They are a great way to spice any summer wardrobe inexpensively.

Free Mesh Vest Crochet Patterns

1. Beginner-Friendly Crochet Lacy Mesh Vest

Free Mesh Vest Crochet Patterns 1

This light and airy mesh vest can be easily crocheted by beginners and experienced crocheters. If you want to make this see-through clothing, check out these two visual tutorials: Part I and Part II.

2. Barbie Inspired Crochet Pink Mesh Vest

Mesh Vest Crochet Patterns 2

Transform your daughter into a boho Barbie with this trendy crochet mesh vest. Your princess will definitely love this new outfit without any second thought.

3. Easy Crochet Summer Mesh Vest Pattern

Mesh Vest Crochet Patterns 3

This crocheted mesh vest is a lightweight and airy open front top, that’s why it’s a great option for hot sunny days. You can easily customize the pattern to make the vest a little bit looser or longer in length.

4. Crochet Summer Mesh Top

Mesh Vest Crochet Patterns 4

Flaunt your creativity, fashion sense, and crocheting skills by making this attractive mesh vest. You only need to gather 4ply yarn, a 3.5mm hook, a darning needle, and a tape measure for this crochet project.

5. Crochet Boho Mesh Vest

Crochet Boho Mesh Top

Add bohemian flair to your outfit with this crocheted mesh vest. Get detailed instructions in this visual tutorial and free written pattern, too.

6. Mystical Mesh Vest Crochet Pattern

Mystical Mesh Vest Crochet Pattern

Crocheted from foundation double crochet stitches, this glammy mesh vest is a perfect wearable for summer and winter. Make one for yourself or a friend using this article.

7. Crochet Toddler Mesh Vest Pattern

Crochet Toddler Mesh Vest Pattern

Make your toddler the talk of the summer party with this handcrafted mesh vest. It features a chain, double crochet, slip stitch, and single crochet stitches.

8. Crossroads Vest Mesh Crochet Idea

Crossroads Vest Mesh Crochet Idea

This beautifully textured and lacy mesh vest is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe. The best part? Its pattern includes instructions for 9 sizes, and the length is customizable.

9. Reversible Crochet Mesh Top

Reversible Crochet Mesh Top

Want an outfit that lets you change the look effortlessly when needed? This reversible mesh vest might be for you. Its one side is black, and the other is orange, giving you two stylish options in one garment.

10. Velvet Yarn Summer Crochet Mesh Vest

Velvet Yarn Summer Crochet Mesh Vest

Learn how to make a stylish mesh vest for summer using velvet yarn, a 6.5mm crochet hook, scissors, and this visual tutorial. It’s a perfect outfit for a sunny night out with friends.

11. Crochet V-Neck Mesh Vest for Boys

V-Neck Mesh Vest Crochet Idea

Watch this YouTube video tutorial to crochet a v-neck mesh vest for your kiddo. This garment is light, airy, and comfortable, thus a great option for daily wear.

12. Crochet Mesh Heart Top

Crochet Mesh Heart Top

Adorned with a heart motif in the center, this mesh top has 17 squares across. You must be familiar with ch and dc stitches for this crochet project.

13. Easy Crochet Mesh Top/Tie Vest

Easy Crochet Mesh Top/Tie Vest

If you are new to crocheting, try this easy mesh tie vest project and take your crochet skills to new heights. This outfit is quite revealing and breathable.

14. Crochet Check Mesh Vest

Crochet Check Mesh Vest Idea

Show off your crocheting skills among friends, neighbors, and loved ones by making this beautiful check mesh vest. Find the free PDF pattern on this website.