Stay cool and stylish on hot sunny days with these Free Crochet Summer Headband Patterns! Start crocheting today!

Need a new accessory for your summer wardrobe collection? These summer headbands are just what you need to crochet this weekend. They are perfect for keeping your hair tidy stylishly on a beach, a picnic, or just a sunny day out.

Free Crochet Summer Headband Patterns

1. Easy and Quick Crochet Summer Headband Pattern

Crochet Summer Headband Patterns 1

Learn how to crochet this lightweight and shiny in-color headband in under 25 minutes using this step-by-step tutorial. This pattern is meant for advanced beginners who know fundamental stitches.

2. Simple Crochet Summer Headband Free Pattern

Crochet Summer Headband Patterns 2

This hippie-style crocheted headband is the perfect accessory for spring and summer times! You can use any color of worsted-weight yarn for this project.

3. Flower Headband Crochet Pattern

Crochet Summer Headband Patterns 3

If you want a fun, quick summer crochet project to flaunt your handcrafting skills, this floral headband is the best option. You can also showcase it at local craft fairs!

4. Crochet Beaded Flower Headband Idea

Headband With Beaded Flowers

Do you know the chain, slip stitch, and single crochet stitches? If so, you can easily make this beaded flower headband. This accessory goes well with every bohemian outfit.

5. Lacy Headband Crochet Pattern

Easy Free Crochet Summer Headband

Follow this pattern to crochet a stretchable lacy headband, perfect for keeping those pesky flyaways away from your face. It’s a simple project that anyone can complete with beginner-level crocheting skills.

6. Beautiful Lacy Summer Crochet HeadbandEasy Free Crochet Summer Headband

Create this intricately patterned headband in an hour with this visual tutorial and a few supplies. The length of this accessory is approximately 40 cm.

7. Crochet Mesh Headband Pattern

Easy Free Crochet Summer Headband

If you know how to do a treble crochet, then this mesh headband project is a piece of cake. Gather a pink-hued skein yarn, an H-sized crochet hook, and a yarn needle.

8. 15 Minutes Knot Headband Crochet Pattern

Easy Free Crochet Summer Headband

This ring-shaped knotted headband is a fun summer accessory that you can easily slip on and off your head when needed. Check out the details in this free pattern.

9. Cool Hippie Headband Crochet Pattern for Kids

Cool Hippie Headband Crochet Pattern

Crocheted from worsted-weight cotton yarn, this cool and breathable headband is suitable for children ages 4 to 12 and up. You can also make a winter version of this headband with acrylic or wool-blend yarn.

10. Crochet Midsummer Floral Headband

Beautiful Crochet Summer Headband Ideas

Flaunt your crocheting skills at midsummer parties by wearing this attractive floral headband. Make one at home using a 2.5 mm hook, cotton yarn, and a bit of patience.

11. Crochet Two-Toned Headband Pattern

Beautiful Crochet Summer Headband Ideas

All you need to know is sc and dc stitches, as well as the ‘Pull Loop Through’ method to crochet this two-toned headband. It will also look fantastic in a single solid color.

12. Vintage Headband Crochet Pattern

Beautiful Crochet Summer Headband Ideas

Make your messy bun look a little more intentional with this vintage crochet headband. You can also wear this accessory with bohemian clothing. Find the free pattern in this article.

13. Lacy Summer Headband with Beads and Stars

Simple Headband Pattern

Beads and the starry pattern give this lacy headband an extra element of interest. It’s a beautiful addition to a summer accessory collection. Check out the details in this post.

14. Two Colored Headband

Two Colored Headband

If you want a headband project that is available in different sizes, this lightweight summer crochet headband is for you. Instead of a single solid hue, you can use different color combinations.

15. Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband Pattern

Crochet Romantic Lilac Headband

Don’t know what to give your girlfriend on her birthday? This crocheted lilac headband might be the best option. It is inspired by the fashion of the 1960s era.