Give your home and office decor a stylish upgrade with these stunning Wall Hanging Free Crochet Patterns!

Are you looking for head-turning handcrafted pieces? Look at these stunning wall hanger crochet patterns that can add artistic flair to any room setting.

Stunning Wall Hanging Free Crochet Patterns

1. Daybreak Crochet Tapestry Pattern

Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns 1

This impressive wall-hanging is worked flat from the top down using single crochet, herringbone hdc, bobble stitch, and loop stitches.

2. Mini Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns 2

If you love astronomy, this lunar-themed mini-wall hanging is for you. It uses a 5.0mm crochet hook, skeins of worsted-weight yarn, and a tree branch.

3. Dreamcatcher-style Wall Hanging

Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns 3

Learn how to crochet a dreamcatcher-style wall hanging with colorful felt feathers in this blog post. Hang it above the bed or near the windows to keep the bad dreams away.

4. The Malvine Wall Hanging

Crochet Wall Hanging Patterns 4

If you want a crochet wall hanging with a macrame look, this project is only for you. It’s approximately 4′ long and 28” from the dowel to the fringe.

5. The Rolling Hills Wall Hanging

Easy and Cute Crochet Wall Hanging

As the name suggests, this crocheted wall hanging features hills, the sun, and the moon. Its pattern is worked in single crochet from the bottom up.

6. Quilt Square Crochet Wall Hanging

Easy and Cute Crochet Wall Hanging 2

Add some farmhouse style to your home decor with this modern barn quilt-inspired wall decor. It’s entirely crocheted from two-toned diagonal granny squares.

7. The Sunrise Mini Mountainside Wall Hanging

Easy and Cute Crochet Wall Hanging 3

This scenery-like wall decor is crocheted using different shades of yarn and a single crochet stiting technique. It uses a unique cut-and-tie color-changing technique to alter shades in the pattern.

8. Simple Granny Square Wall Hanging

Easy and Cute Crochet Wall Hanging 4

If you want a minimalistic wall hanging that can be made quickly on a budget, this crochet pattern is a lifesaver. It only uses two skeins of super bulky-weight yarn, a dowel, and a large crochet hook.

9. The Ocean’s Breath Wall-Hanging

Stunning Crochet Wall Hanging Ideas

This intricately patterned and textured wall display piece is the best way to show off your crocheting skills. However, you must be at least a beginner or intermediate-level crocheter for this project.

10. Crochet Mini Pocket Wall Hanging

Stunning Crochet Wall Hanging Ideas 2

Watch this video tutorial to crochet an adorable boho hanger that’s inspired by the Pinterest macrame wall hanging. Besides boosting the visual appeal, it also doubles up as a hanging plant basket.

11. Willow Wall Hanging

Stunning Crochet Wall Hanging Ideas 3

Crochet this neutral-hued wall hanging and give your living room a conversation-worthy addition. This crochet project requires less than one skein of yarn and a bit of patience.

12. Boho Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Stunning Crochet Wall Hanging Ideas 4

Bring bohemian vibes to your living space with this beautifully textured crochet wall hanging. This pattern uses shades of grey with a subtle blue and pink hue.

13. Crochet Popcorn Wall Hanging Idea

Crochet Popcorn Wall Hanger

Are you looking for a handcrafted gift option for your crochet-loving friend? This fringed wall hanging is the perfect option.

14. Mini Mock-Rame Crochet Wall Hanging

Mini Mock-Rame Crochet Wall Hanger

At first glance, this handcrafted wall hanging might look like macrame, but in reality, it’s made up of crochet stitches. Learn how to make one for yourself using this crochet tutorial.

15. Crochet Caterpillar Picture Frame Wall Hanging

Crochet Caterpillar Picture Frame Wall Decor

Are you tired of regular wooden picture frames? Then, crochet this caterpillar-shaped picture frame using this tutorial. It will be a thoughtful gift for baby showers.

16. Welcome Home Wall Hanging Idea

Welcome Home Wall Decor

Are you familiar with the magic circle, slip stitch, chain, single crochet, half double crochet, and front loop only? If so, this crochet project is a piece of cake for you.

17. Crochet an Owl Wall Hanging

Crochet an Owl Wall Hanging

Want to make a bold statement in your home or office interior with your crocheting skills? Crochet these lifelike owls sitting on a branch using these three series video tutorials – Part I, Part II, and Part III.