Did you know unique and fun wigs can be crocheted out of yarn? If not, get ready to be amazed with these Free Crochet Wigs Patterns!

If you’re bored of crocheting blankets, socks, tops, and bikinis, these wig patterns are unique options to try on the weekend. They not only improve your crocheting skills but also let you create perfect accessories for Halloween and costume parties.

Free Crochet Wigs Patterns

1. Princess Leia Wig Pattern

Princess Leia Wig Pattern

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then, this Princess Leia-inspired crocheted wig will surely fascinate you. It’s made by attaching buns on each side of a beanie.

2. Elsa Crochet Wig Pattern

Crochet Wigs Patterns 2

Make your daughter feel like the snow queen of Disney Land with this Elsa crochet wig. It’s a great accessory for dress-up and costume parties.

3. Halloween Wig Crochet Pattern

Crochet Wigs Patterns 3

Want to crochet an inexpensive, spooky wig for your Halloween outfit? Check out this project, which uses v-stitch, triple crochet, and chain stitching techniques.

4. Lassie Crochet Wig Free Pattern

Lassie Crochet Wig Free Pattern

This chic lassie wig is crocheted out of yarn, a 5.5mm hook, a clip, and scissors. It’ll fit most teen and adult women quite well, but it’s slightly slouchy, so you have to tuck your hair inside it.

5. Baldy Baby Wig Crochet Pattern

Baldy Baby Hat Crochet Pattern

Make your baby the center of attention by covering his/her bald head with this crocheted wig. Plus, it will definitely bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Find the free pattern in this post.

6. Crochet Wig Pattern for Infants

Crochet Wig Pattern for Infants

This crochet pattern will help you create a wig with bangs and pigtails for infants under two hours. However, it also has crocheting instructions for adult wigs.

7. Disney Tangled Rapunzel Wig Crochet Pattern

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Yarn Wig

Make your daughter’s birthday special by gifting her this Princess Rapunzel-inspired wig. This crocheted accessory will turn her into a real-life princess with long hair.

8. Clown Crochet Wig Free Pattern

Easy and Cute Crochet Wigs 2

If you want a colorful clown wig for your kiddo’s Halloween outfit, crochet one with the help of this blog post. It’s worked in continuous rounds without joining.

9. Cinderella Crochet Wig Free Pattern

Easy and Cute Crochet Wigs 3

This Cinderella wig is crocheted from H, I, & J crochet hooks, tapestry needles, poly-fil, and worsted-weight yarn. You can change its size by repeating or eliminating the second-to-last row.

10. Crochet Pirate Wig Free Pattern

Pirate Halloween Wig Free Crochet Pattern

Want to dress up your kid like a pirate at this year’s Halloween party? If yes, ditch the overpriced wigs and crochet this Jack Sparrow-inspired one instead.

11. Princess Merida Crochet Wig

Princess Merida Costume Wig

Give your daughter Princess Merida-like curly and lush strands with this impressive crochet wig. It’s enough to turn your daughter into a show-stopper.

12. Rag Doll Wig Crochet Pattern

Stunning Crochet Wigs Ideas 2

Crochet this wonderful wig for your toddler to wear at Halloween or while playing dress-up. Get the list of supplies and instructions in this PDF pattern.