Give your old table, floor, and pendant lamps a chic makeover with these Free Crochet Lampshade Patterns! Start crocheting now!

If you plan to buy a new lampshade for your old lamp, try these crocheted versions instead and feel the difference. They are stylish, easy to make, and great as gifts.

Crochet Lampshade Free Patterns

1. Crochet Cactus Lampshade

Crochet Lampshade Free Patterns 3

Create an adorable cactus-shaped lampshade for your kid’s outdated lamp with this video tutorial. The flowers on this lampshade make it more lifelike.

2. Granny Square Lampshade Crochet Pattern

Easy Crochet Lampshade 3

Do you want to customize a bare lampframe? Then you might like this crocheted lampshade. It’s made up of multicolored granny squares and totally customizable.

3. Crochet Lampshade for a Rice Paper Lamp

Easy Crochet Lampshade 1

Make a lampshade for your rice paper lamp with this tutorial. It’s easy to crochet with slip stitch, chain, single crochet, and double crochet stitches.

4. Crochet Lampshade For a Mundane Corner

Easy Crochet Lampshade 2

Are you a fan of the Stranger Things TV series? If so, then this crochet lampshade will fascinate you. Watch the video tutorial for the crocheting instructions.

5. Boho Crochet Ceiling Lampshade

Crochet Lampshade Free Patterns 1

Bring bohemian vibes to your home decor by updating your pendant light lampshade with this crocheted version. It’s easy to make and affordable, too.

6. Farmhouse Lampshade for your Kitchen

Crochet Lampshade Free Patterns 2

This rustic farmhouse lampshade is made with jute yarn and a couple of basic stitching techniques. Make sure to cover your fingers with tape to protect them from rubbing against the rough jute while crocheting.

7. Crochet Lampshade Free Pattern

diy Crochet Lampshade 2

Make your table lamp a conversation-starting focal point with this crocheted lampshade. Always use an LED lamp with this lampshade to avoid overheating.

8. Red Beaded Crochet Lampshade

Stunning Crochet Lampshade 3

Adorned with red beads and cross stitch patten, this stunning lampshade has a circumference of 45 inches. Find the written pattern in this blog post.

9. Crochet Spring Themed Lampshade

Stunning Crochet Lampshade 1

You can crochet this green lampshade with a vintage wooden spool, yarn, and a crochet hook. It measures around 6″ in diameter and is 5″ high.

10. Capiz Lampshade Crochet Pattern

Stunning Crochet Lampshade 4

Give your plain table lamp a designer look with this capiz shells lampshade. This pattern has only a 2-row repeat and can be modified to any size of your choice.

11. Funky Colorful Crochet Lampshade Pattern

 Funky Colorful Crochet Lampshade Pattern

Learn how to crochet a funky lampshade with different shades of yarn in this tutorial. It’s the best project to flaunt your crocheting skills.

12. Stylish Poppy Lampshade Crochet Pattern

 Stylish Poppy Lampshade Crochet Pattern

Give your pendant light a designer look with this poppy flower-themed crochet lampshade. You can use colors that match your room’s decor.

13. Crochet Bobble Stitch Lampshade

Crochet Bobble Stitch Lampshade

Make this unique lampshade and amaze your loved ones with your crocheting skills. You will need an old lampshade frame, cotton yarn, and a hook.