Save these 16 Free Crochet Hat Patterns for Adults to make a plush and warm hat for yourself or someone special!

Are you thinking of crocheting a warm and slouchy hat for yourself, but worried that it can make you lose your style? So, here are some fashionable as well as FREE crochet hat patterns that will help you in beating the winter while giving you a trendy nudge.

 1. Emily Diagonal Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Hat Patterns

Simple but stylish, this diagonal beanie crochet with a neutral shade of gray-marble yarn will go with any outfit, but you can select other shades as well for weaving it. Here, the blogger emphasizes on an HDC stitch to carve out a knobby texture on the hat.

2. Faux Knit Fair Isle Crochet Toque & Cowl

This hat with a pompom top can be easily stitched with the help of a color chart shared by this blogger. Just choose any contrasting combo like burgundy and beige, and stitch them uniformly using center single crochet technique.

3. Leigh Hat Crochet Pattern

crochet ridge hat pattern

For becoming a part of #HatNotHate, an anti-bullying campaign, you must really crochet this lightweight and fluffy hat. For weaving it, you need to choose a blue yarn (symbol of awareness and positivity), but here the crocheter has used lion brand jeans yarn.

4. Slouchy Beanie Crochet Pattern

The slouchy and multicolored hat can be a perfect winter gift for your special one. This beanie is worked in rows instead of round, which makes this tutorial, beginner-friendly. Also, the fusion of dusty purple, eggplant, and linen colors are complementing each other nicely.

5. Unforgettable Hat

The splashes of colors, blended smoothly, makes this hat exceptional! Just pick some skeins of arbitrary colored worsted weighted yarn and using the ribbing technique, turn them into a rainbow-like hat. You can also add some extra rounds for making it more slouchy.

6. Chunky Ribbed Slouch Hat

free crochet hat patterns

Crocheting this chunky ribbed hat is super easy, just weave a rectangle, and sew it into a tube using a Ribbed stitch method. For the final touch, crown your hat with a fluffy pompom. It is one of the best free crochet hat patterns.

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7. Faux Fur Trapper Hat

Floating braids, little pompoms, and cozy earflaps add extra beauty to this tapper hat. This crochet slouchy hat pattern can be easily made using faux fur or any bulky yarn having complementary shades.

8. Easy Crochet Hat Pattern

This snuggly hat not only provides a shield from the harsh winter but also gives the wearer a modish feel. This beanie employs various stitching patterns like the magic circle, single crochet, double crochet, and puff stitch, which are not as difficult as their names look.

9. Mountain Ridges Crochet Hat

mountain ridge beanie pattern

Thanks to the striking appearance, it can make any woman fall in love with its beauty! For crocheting this comfy hat, you will require worsted weight yarn, a fluffy pompom, and yarn needles.

10. Oats & Honey Crochet Hat Free Pattern

bulky yarn crochet hat

Your cute daughter will surely love this oats honey hat, which is kneaded in a continuous flat panel. Here, the edges are worked side to side, while the crown is worked out of the row ends using a large eye blunt needle.

11. Serenity Pompom Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Snowfall Hat

Go through this video tutorial, that will help you master the art of crochet beanie. This is one of the best free crochet hat patterns.

12. V-Stitch Adult Hat by Cream Of The Crop Crochet

Apart from warmth, this lilac hat with white brim offers a touch of elegance, making it the top choice for adults. For preparing this one, use lilac and white carons and crochet them using v-stitch. You can even select other shades according to your convenience.

13. Precious Coral Lacy Hat

This coral beret hat can become a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Just choose any worsted weight yarn that matches your style, and using cluster stitch, weave them by working in the round, starting from the crown.

14. Crochet Snowfall Hat

These snowfall hats are fun to make and can work as a heartwarming gift. Choose medium-weight yarns in contrast colors for preparing it. Also, for increasing the size, you can add extra rows to the ribbed band, then put some more stitches in the multiples of 4.

15. Crochet Plaid Messy Bun Hat

No women will scroll down without looking at this bun hat. If you are concerned about your hair while wearing a hat, this messy bun hat with the hole at top will ease you in carrying your hair in a sophisticated manner.

16. Crochet Owl Hat Pattern for Newborns {Bonus}

free crochet hat patterns for children

This tutorial will surely interest you in making a similar hat for your baby. It features a crochet owl and smooth earflaps that will give your little one a snuggle feel and will prevent them from the chilly cold.