Take your trendy headwear collection to new heights with these Free Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns!

Crocheting is not limited to blankets, scarves, crop tops, and shorts only. With yarn and creativity, you can also make trendy bucket hats. Read on the below patterns and make some impressive headwear for different occasions.

Free Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns

1. Quick Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern

Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns 1

This beautiful bucket hat can be crocheted in a single day with cable stitches. If you want to make one like this, check out this step-by-step tutorial.

2. Crochet Bucket Hat for Beginners

Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns 2

If you’re new to crochet and don’t know how to make a bucket hat, check out this beginner-friendly tutorial. This pattern uses the popular spiral method.

3. Granny Square Bucket Hat Pattern

Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns 3

Follow this detailed post to crochet a stylish bucket hat using six granny squares. This pattern is a modern take on a classic motif.

4. Crochet Faux Fur Bucket Hat

Crochet Bucket Hat Patterns 4

If you’re attending a family dinner and aren’t sure which hat to wear, try this faux fur bucket hat. Its soft and fluffy appearance will surely get you lots of compliments.

5. DIY Crochet Dot Square Bucket Hat

Free Crochet Bucket Hat Ideas

Keep yourself stylish and comfortable during hot sunny days with this crocheted dot square hat bucket. You can make one with a lightweight yarn, a 3.5mm crochet hook, and this tutorial.

6. 22” Granny Square Bucket Hat

Free Crochet Bucket Hat Ideas 2

This bucket hat is made with 5 granny squares and has a circumference of about 22″. It uses blue, red, and white yarn.

7. Boho Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Bucket Hat Ideas 3

This boho-style crochet headwear is an excellent addition to a summer wardrobe collection. It will go quite well with any kind of beachwear and summer outfit.

8. Crochet Cream-hued Bucket Hat Idea

Free Crochet Bucket Hat Ideas 4

Want a crochet pattern for the classic 90’s Sherpa bucket hat? Look no further than this tutorial. This trendy hat not only adds style to any outfit but also blocks the sun’s rays.

9. Free Crochet Brookside Bucket Hat Pattern

Easy Crochet Bucket Hat

Made from crunch stitches, this crocheted bucket hat gets some extra flair with its different-colored yarns. Find the free pattern in this website.

10. DIY Crochet Summer Bucket Hat

Easy Crochet Bucket Hat 2

This elegant bucket hat pattern is worked in rounds with the right side facing throughout. Its crown measures 16.5cm wide, the bucket is 8cm high, and the brim section is 5cm wide.

11. Crochet Checkered Bucket Hat

Easy Crochet Bucket Hat

Learn how to make a fancy checkered bucket hat using crocheting skills in this visual tutorial. This headwear can be customized to fit any head size.

12. Gingham Frog Bucket Hat

 Easy Crochet Bucket Hat 4

Make yourself stand out in the crowd with this funky frog-shaped hat. It’s also an excellent option for gifting and craft fairs. Read the details in this article.

13. Free Crochet Bucket Hat for Cat

Beautiful Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern

If you know how to do chain, single crochet, slip stitch, and double crochet stitches, this hat project is a piece of cake for you. You can use any yarn to crochet this hat.

14. Frog Bucket Hat for PetsBeautiful Crochet Bucket Hat Idea

This adoptiversary, make your dog hop around in style with this crocheted frog bucket hat. Get the detailed how-to in this video tutorial.

15. Crochet Mushroom Bucket Hat

Beautiful Bucket Hat Idea

Watch this visual tutorial to crochet a peculiar mushroom-shaped bucket hat. This project is suitable for beginner and intermediate crocheters.

16. Cozy Bear Bucket Hat for Kids

Cozy Bear Bucket Hat for Kids

Make your kiddo’s birthday memorable by gifting her this adorable bucket bear hat. It can be crocheted in a day or two with a few supplies.

17. Ridley Raffia Crochet Bucket Hat

Ridley Raffia Bucket Hat

Make a bold statement at beach parties with this chic, timeless bucket hat. It can be made from raffia yarn and granny-style stitch in just an hour or two.

18. Colorful Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern

Colorful Bucket Hat Idea

Showcase your crocheting skills and fashion sense by crocheting this colorful bucket hat. It’s made from cotton yarn and a 4mm crochet hook. Hop to this article for the remaining instructions.

19. Easy Crochet Bucket Hat Pattern

Easy Crochet Bucket Hat Idea

Stay cool this summer by wearing this breathable crochet bucket hat. This project needs basic stitches, cotton yarn, and a bit of patience.