Go through these Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns for weaving warm and beautiful hats with different styles, stitches, techniques for your newborn baby!

If you are looking out for some fancy baby beanie patterns for your newborn, then you are in for a treat. We have combined some of the best Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns that you can try your hand on this season!

1. Crochet Baby Hats

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

If you want to crochet a snuggly hat for your baby with beautiful color palettes and intrigue motifs, then this tutorial from thesprucecraft is the one to check out!

2. Beanie Baby Hat

Although this beanie pattern is available for many sizes, you can customize it as per your needs. Here, the colors are changed in the last stitch of the rounds. It is one of the best free crochet baby hat patterns!

3. Little Turkey Hat

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns for you

This hat consists of an array of feathers in multiple colors. Also, the addition of a beak and eye features adds a bit of drama to it. Its motif engages basic sc, dc, and sc dec stitching techniques. 

4. Pixie Bonnet Hat

In this motif a rectangle is crocheted and sewn to form this beanie. Also, the addition of tassels imparts a girlish flair to it. It is one of the best free crochet baby hat patterns!

5. Football Earflap Hat

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns to gift

Apart from keeping your kid’s head warm, this snuggly beanie, with a pair of cozy earflaps and hanging tassels is what makes it interesting! Read this RepeatCrafterMe blog for further details.

6. Mini Beanie Hat

Crochet this kid-sized beanie that can also work as a great gift for any baby shower occasion. This neutral shade hat pattern is worked from top to down.

7. Striped Baby Hat

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns to try

The stripings at the bottom along with a textured border give this slouchy hat an elegant look. The crocheter has utilized Berroco Vintage DK weight yarn, whose texture is smooth as the skin of your baby.

8. Parker Baby Hat

This versatile baby hat has a simplistic look. The tutorial from sewrella has defined crochet patterns for different age groups, so you can prepare them as per your convenience.

9. Grizzly Mountain Bear Hat

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns to makeThis pattern tops this list, thanks to its fascinating texture, carved using a mixture of waistcoat, star, and seed stitches. For a pronounced look, the crocheter has designed cute ears and played well with some dramatic colors.

10. Patchwork Pumpkin Baby Hat

If you are bored with crocheting the same monotonous motif hats and want an interesting pattern to add in your newborn’s wardrobe. Undoubtedly, this pumpkin featured hat is going to do the trick!

11. Basic Newborn Hat

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns for everyone

This basic newborn hat features variegated blotches all across the beanie, is really fun to craft. Its pattern is worked from top to down, using basic double crochet and slip stitches.

12. Messy Bun Beanie

If your teen avoids a crochet hat thinking it might ruin her stylish bun, then she’s definitely going to love this messy bun hat. Even more, the addition of a vintage-looking button prettifies its look further.

13. Newborn Bear Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns for newborns

Thanks to the addition of bicolored bear ears, they give this hat a funky flair. Its motif is worked in rounds by engaging various stitching techniques including ch, dc, fpdc, hdc, sc and slip stitches.

14. Baby Hat with Flower

Apart from the basic stitches, this motif engages dc cluster stitch for carving out this intricate texture. As a final touch, this beanie is embellished with a crochet flower that adds a bit of girly flair to it.

15. Baby Blanket Hat Pattern

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns for babies

Imagine your newborn sleeping peacefully wrapped under a chic pair of a blanket and a hat. For crocheting this cream-hued hat, along with a matching blanket, head on to this blog. 

16. Teddy Bear Baby Hat

A left handy crocheter has designed this adorable hat bundled with warmth and cuteness. This snuggly hat comprises braided strings, earflaps, and cute animal ears that are going to keep your baby cozy during harsh winters.