Are you tired of flour-covered pants and oil-stained clothes? Keep these issues at bay with these Free Crochet Apron Patterns!

Why opt for a plain old apron when you can make a unique one at home with these free apron crochet patterns? They are easy to crochet and give a chic look to cooking outfits.

Free Crochet Apron Patterns

1. Snowflake Hostess Apron Pattern

Snowflake Hostess Apron Idea

This smashing apron is perfect for greeting guests while cooking something special for Christmas. Read this free PDF for the crocheting instructions.

2. Tunisian Ruffled Crochet Apron

Stunning Crochet Apron Ideas 3

Ruffled edges, Tunisian stitches, and an elegant waistband are the highlighting features of this crocheted apron. The free PDF pattern is available on this website.

3. Simple and Easy Crochet Waist Apron

Free Crochet Apron Patterns 3

Are you running out of time but still want to give your friend a crocheted gift? This last-minute waist apron is a lifesaver. It’s a simple apron but full of texture.

4. Apron Crochet Pattern for Toddlers

Free Crochet Apron Patterns 4

Turn your little daughter into a fairytale maiden with this vintage crochet apron. The best part about this project is that it’s beginner-friendly.

5. Baker’s Apron with Jumbo Cupcake Applique

Stunning Crochet Apron Ideas

Crochet this cute apron with a jumbo cupcake pocket and surprise your mother on her birthday or Mother’s Day. This apron measures around 16” tall and 25” wide, but you can increase the size as needed.

6. Crochet Half Apron Free Pattern

Stunning Crochet Apron Ideas 2

If you’re the messiest baker in your home, this crochet half apron is a must-have accessory to protect your clothes from sticky situations. You can easily make one with chain and single crochet stitches.

7. Checkered Two Piece Apron Crochet Pattern

Checkered Two Piece Apron Crochet Pattern

Have you ever seen or heard about a two-piece crocheted apron? If not, get ready to be amazed by this free pattern. This checkered apron features snap buttons that let you wear or remove the top part as needed.

8. Free Crochet Granny Square Apron Pattern

Stunning Crochet Apron Ideas 4

This beautiful apron is made of 12 granny square motifs and a couple of basic crochet stitches. The best part? Gauge is not important for this pattern.

9. Farmhouse Apron Crochet Pattern

Cute and Easy Crochet Apron Patterns

This farmhouse apron is an easy crochet project for those familiar with ch, sc, and hhdc stitches. It’s made in two pieces with two different solid colors.

10. Crochet Grinch Christmas Apron

Cute and Easy Crochet Apron Patterns 2

Did you like this Grinch version of the Christmas apron? If the answer is yes, follow this blog post to make one for yourself.

11. Fiesta Crochet Apron Pattern

Cute and Easy Crochet Apron Patterns 3

Crochet this ultimate party apron and show off your crocheting skills at the next family gathering or special occasion. This apron is 12” long, and the waist tie is 58″.

12. Crochet Grilling Apron Idea

Cute and Easy Crochet Apron Patterns 4

This amazing crocheted apron is the perfect gift for grilling enthusiasts. It has four medium-sized pockets and one large pocket for holding a meat thermometer, cheese singles, and other items.

13. Vintage Apron Crochet Pattern

DIY Crochet Apron

Are you searching for a classic apron with holiday vibes? This vintage crochet apron is the perfect option. It’s made up of different shades of yarn, a 1.5mm crochet hook, and a yarn needle.

14. Crochet Gingerbread Apron for Kids

DIY Crochet Apron 2

Your little baker will surely love this gingerbread man-themed crochet apron. It’s perfect for 4-6 year-old children but can be customized for 8-10 year-olds.

15. Lemon Drop Apron Crochet Pattern

DIY Crochet Apron 3

Show off your crocheting skills among your loved ones and friends by making this lemon drop apron. Go through this blog post for more instructions.