If you are a gardening aficionado and a crochet expert, you’re gonna love these DIY Crochet Succulents ideas to the core!

Make good use of your crocheting skills by preparing these DIY Crochet Succulents ideas! They are going to give you a natural look while saving you from the maintenance chores!

1. Terrarium with Seven Succulents

DIY Crochet Succulents

If you are a succulent lover with some expertise in crocheting, then this pattern from the Martha Stewart blog is surely for you!

2. Mini Succulents

If you have a black thumb, then this pattern is for you. The designer advises flattening the ends by misting them with hairspray to stop them from curling up.

3. Cactus in a Cup

DIY Crochet Succulents  2

This green crochet cactus, covered with a tiny hint of red and yellow flowers, can brighten up any plantless room. Its pattern is worked in a continuous spiral without joining the rounds.

4. Cacti Pattern

Give your home decor a touch of nature by preparing this crochet cactus. Worked in rounds, its pattern engages a combination of green and brown worsted weight yarn.

5. Succulents in Painted Mason Jars

DIY Crochet Succulents  6

This craft from 5littleMonters will guide you to crochet three different succulents using a variety of green shades.

6. Mini Succulent Pattern

Fuse the essence of nature and crocheting in this cactus crochet craft. The pattern is draped in brown, green, pink, and yellow shades that are worked in continuous rounds.

7. Amigurumi Kawaii Cactus

DIY Crochet Succulents  8

Nothing like crocheting different shaped succulents that are beautifully escorted with crocheted flowers! Head on to this tutorial from Flying Mio for further details.

8. Mini Flowers Succulents

Crochet these rosette patterned succulents and bring a summery touch into your home. Pronounced with the color pigments, the pattern of these succulents are worked in rows.

9. Plants with Natura Medium

DIY Crochet Succulents 10

Add a bit of drama to your home decor with the addition of this cute pair of crocheted succulents. Moreover, the legs and hand features make these succulents look super cute!

10. Saguaro Cactus

Imitate this craft using this blog, and put it in a small pot, after stuffing its base with brown fabric scraps.

11. Icy Cactus Amigurumi

DIY Crochet Succulents 14

Thanks to the white eyelash yarn, working as a spine and the topping of the showy flower that gives this icy cactus a striking look. Crochet this pattern with help from beacrafter blog.

12. Amigurumi Cactus Garden

Experiment with some exciting color combinations to produce this colorful succulent mini garden. For each cactus, the designer has crocheted one plug pot and flower pot base as well.