Brighten up your window panes by some stunning curtains with the help of these exclusive and easy DIY Crochet Curtains patterns!

Drape your boring window glass panes with some eye-catchy curtains by going through this DIY Crochet Curtains list! These patterns are quick to make and are a great stash buster as well!

1. Big Bold Chevron Curtain

DIY Crochet Curtains

Some little leftover yarns from your stash are all you need to make this mini curtain version. Its highlighting contrast chevron look, paired with unique triple crochet and Tr2tog stitches gives it a dramatic look.

2. Super Easy Curtains

Head on to this video to bring some refreshment of greenery in your home by crocheting this green airy curtain pattern.

3. Papel Picado Lace Curtain

DIY Crochet Curtains 2

This Papel Picado inspired lace curtain pattern is artistic and beautiful! The Blogger has shared a pictorial chart for better comprehension.

4. Daisy Valance Curtain

Accentuated with a shimmering flower motif at the bottom, this curtain can add timeless beauty to any window. Worked in rows, the pronounced texture of this DIY Crochet Curtains are carved using shell and Triple treble crochet.


5. Hairpin Lace Cafe Curtain

DIY Crochet Curtains 3

Revamp the look of your interior by introducing this hairpin lace cafe curtains across the windows. For crocheting, the designer used 7-skeins of canary yellow along with 3-skeins of white yarn.

6. Flower Power Valence Pattern

This floral valence brings the essence of spring inside homes. You can even customize the size of this valence by adding or deducting flowers.

7. Cafe Curtain Pattern

DIY Crochet Curtains 4

Square patterns stitched in the bold color can magically enhance the look of any boring wall! Worked in rows, this cafe curtain is escorted with square layouts and picot stitching!

8. Loop Door Curtain


Unlike other curtains, this loop door pattern draped in beachy color tones can be a great alternative over traditional curtains.

9. Flower Lattice Curtain Pattern

DIY Crochet Curtains 5

While working on its flower lattice, crocheter worked one row from left to right and the next from right to left.

10. Beaded Net Curtains

This floaty light fabric engages linen and grit stitch along with some knowledge of the bead technique.

11. Lacy Heart Curtain

DIY Crochet Curtains 6

The crocheter has added a picot border on the curtain top and used varying length tassels for a dramatic look.

12. Crochet Lace Curtains

This crochet valence pattern can be adapted to any sized window or gallery as a mark of classy flare. Go through this DIY vlog from lacefromireland for imitating this curtain craft.

13. Minimalistic Curtain Design

DIY Crochet Curtains 7

This curtain pattern, draped in the bold shades of black and white, can highlight any corner of your home with its look. Follow the instructions here.

14. Pretty Lacy Beak

You can adorn your large window panes and walls with this lacy beak crochet curtain pattern. The contrasting shades of white and red lace greatly complement each other.