Ever tried making A Crochet Christmas Tree? Make it by following these free pattern instructions and decorate it further.

Material Required

Leftover Worsted Wool: Green Color and White Color
Crochet Hook:
Metallic Balls

Note: The Pattern is to be followed from the top point of the tree to the base. You will be increasing stitches in each row of every section.


Top Section of the Tree

1st Row: Ch 2, work 2 Dc into the 2nd Ch from hook, Ch 1, turn, form 2 sts
2nd Row: Work 2 Dc into each of the Dc st from previous row, Ch 1, forms 4 sts
3rd Row: Work 2 Dc into the first st, Dc, DC, 2 Dc in the last st, Ch 1 turn, form 6 sts
4th Row: Work 2 Dc into the first and last sts, and a single Dc in each st along the row until you have 14 sts, Ch 1, turn, Work 5 sts along, Ch 1.

Middle Section of the Tree

1st Row: Work a Dc in each of the sts, Ch 1 turn, forms 4 sts
2nd Row to 7th Row: Work 2 Dc in first and last sts with single Dc sts in between them always. Two stitches will increase in each row, until the end with 16 sts on the 7th row, Ch 1, turn work 5 sts along, Ch 1

Third Section of the Tree

1st Row: Work a Dc in the next 6 sts, Ch 1 turn. Forms 6 sts
2nd Row to 7th Row: Same as the middle section work 2 Dc in the first and last sts, with 1 Dc worked in each St along, until you form 18 sts on Row 7, turn, work 7 sts along, Ch 1.

The base of the Tree

*Work 1 Dc into the next 4 sts, ch 1 turn, *Work *to *next 3 rows. Fasten off.

Decorative Edging of the Tree

With the right side facing you, join White yarn with a slip stitch just in the bottom of the third section of the tree. Work 2 Dc in the same st at each corner always. Work 1 Sl st before starting the next section of the tree.

When you reach the center point in the top of the tree work a Dc, Tr, Ch 15 forming a hanging loop, Sl st into the top of Tr, Dc all in the same stitch.
Continue down the same way worked for the other side.

Fasten off.
Sew in each metallic balls to each pointed section of the tree as shown in the diagram.


Pin the motif on a foam pad with the wrong side facing you. Stretch each point of the tree and pin them. Spread some glue all over the main tree with the help of a brush and the pot sections making it sure that the entire motif has been glued well to all the points to stiffen and strengthen up the motif. Dry the motif completely before you unpin it.

These motifs can be used for decorating a Christmas Tree, A Card or even a Xmas Garland.