Use your crocheting skills to prepare these beautiful DIY Crochet Blanket patterns for keeping yourself warm during winters!

Below is the list of fabulous DIY Crochet blanket patterns stitched with intricate style and fused with multiple colors. They can also be used as a fashion statement chilly mornings, work as decor accents, or can be gifted to your loved ones!

1. Mermaid Tail Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket

Single and double crochet are all you need to know for stitching this mermaid blanket wrapped in aquatic tones.

2. Striped Blanket

Stripes motifs never go out of fashion and this blanket showcasing stripes of turquoise, snow, pigeon, and navy colors is worth discerning.

3. Mod Heirloom

DIY Crochet Blanket 2

The granite stitch used in this blanket has a woven look, but for a crochet feel, the designer changed the stitch for the thicker grey stripes.

4. Wild Daisy Flower Blanket

Wrap up yourself under the cover of flowers by crocheting this wild daisy flower blanket.

5. Vintage Style Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 3

This vintage style blanket pattern is one of the best crochet blanket patterns to try!

6. Wavy Blanket

This wavy blanket pattern has three parts the wavy body, the border prepare, and the shell border.

7. Happy Hexagons Afghan Pattern

DIY Crochet Blanket 4

This blanket pattern showcasing colorful hexagons is prepared using sc, dc, slip, and chain stitches.

8. Blanket Squares

This blanket pattern consists of 12 Charlotte squares in 12 different hues, with a profound border prepared with popcorn stitch.

9. Sunburst Granny Square Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 5

You can use this colorful blanket as a heartwarming gift for the baby shower occasion or as a throw on the couch or bed.

10. Granny Stripe Afghan Throw Blanket

Any stripe aficionado would not resist themselves from crocheting this throw blanket that represents a mesmerizing combination of contrast colors.

11. Pittsburgh Throw Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 6

This Pittsburgh throw blanket is a quick project as it uses only half double crochet stitch.

12. Clamshell Blanket

The amazing fusion of colors and special clamshell stitching creates pretty bumps of color that set this blanket apart.

13. Puff Flower Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 7

Thanks to the puff stitch that imparts gradient look to the flowers of this blanket. Find all the details here.

14. Hogwarts House Scarves Blanket

The blanket engages double crochet stitching, where the colors are changed occasionally. Its ends are weaved and the strips are sewn together.

15. Duchess Baby Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 8

The lacy look and the detailed texture on this blanket are carved using Duchess Lace Stitch. Its border uses a combination of dc, sc, and chain stitches.

16. Flower Petals Baby Blanket

The crocheter played with pink, blue, and white colors and engaged shell stitching for completing this blanket.

17. The Loft Pom Baby Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 9

This plushy and lofty crocheted blanket is lined with playful pom-poms. The use of super bulky yarn and wattle stitch makes it one of the quickest crochet projects.

18. Chunky Feather and Fan Afghan

This blanket pattern calls for 85 stitches that are five repeats. Crocheter suggested to add or subtract multiples of 17 to customize the size of afghan.

19. Go Team Colors Baby Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 10

The size of this thick and warm blanket suits best for a car seat. Also, the triangle-shaped edging adds more interest to its look.

20. Classic Baby Blanket

Simple, yet elegant, this classic baby blanket is prepared using double crochet stitching. And the use of shell border enhances its beauty further.

21. Hexa Puff Baby Quilt

DIY Crochet Blanket 11

Crocheter has prepared all the hex pieces first, then arranged and pinned in place.

22. Blackberry Salad Striped Afghan

You can adjust the size of this striped afghan by adding or subtracting in the chain row by multiples of 4 stitches.

23. Sideways Shell Baby Afghan

DIY Crochet Blanket 12

This blanket pattern has a real fancy look with a gorgeous edging. Its pattern uses simple chains, single crochet, and double crochet stitches.

24. Secret Garden Afghan

The floral posies and the special fpdc, bpdc, shell, and picot stitching imparts an intriguing texture to this afghan.

25. Soft Granite Blanket

DIY Crochet Blanket 13

This blanket or throw pattern representing the combination of three solid colors will make a bold statement.

26. Single Baby Blanket

If you a novice in the world of crochet, then this blanket pattern is the best bet. Prepared using a single crochet stitch, this blanket can be heart pleasing gift for an expecting friend.