Create a green nook in your home, office, or car space with these Crochet Hanging Plant Ideas! They make great handmade gifts, too!

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your home without consuming too much space? These hanging plant ideas are the best option to try your hands on.

Crochet Hanging Plant Ideas

1. Crochet Hanging Vines with Multicolored Flowers

Learn how to crochet this stunning hanging plant with dual-toned flowers in this helpful visual tutorial. This handcrafting project is suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters.

2. Free Crochet String of Pearls Pattern

Crochet Hanging Plant Ideas and Patterns 2

If you want to add greenery indoors but can’t due to a black thumb, consider crocheting this beautiful string of pearls. Just place this succulent inside a hanging basket and enjoy its long-lasting presence.

3. Crochet Monstera Plant Car Hanging

Crochet Hanging Plant Ideas and Patterns 3

This hanging crochet monstera uses a chain, single crochet, slip stitch, and double crochet stitches. You can hang it near the kitchen window, inside the bathroom, or on the living room wall.

4. Mini Crochet Plant Hanger Free Pattern

Crochet Hanging Plant

Want to add greenery to your car without the fuss of watering and any other maintenance? This mini crocheted plant hanger might be the right option. Find the free pattern in this article.

5. Crochet Hanging Strawberry Plant Idea

Crochet Hanging Plant 2

Show off your crocheting skills and love for plants by making this beautiful strawberry plant hanging. It’s a perfect decor option to add a pop of color and greenery to any home setting.

6. Crochet Mini Fern Hanging Plant

Crochet Hanging Plant 3

Give your home or office area a handcrafted focal point with this mini fern hanging. This unique crocheted piece makes a thoughtful gift for gardeners and crochet enthusiasts.

7. Crochet Hanging Fernt Plant Free Pattern

Crochet Hanging Fernt Plant Free Pattern

Crochet this hanging fern plant to create a lush display of greenery without the fuss of watering. You must be familiar with the slip stitch (sl st) and single crochet (sc) stitching techniques.

8. Crochet Yellow Flowering Plant Hanging

Yellow Flowering Hanging Crocheted Plant

Make your home decor lively and cheerful with this crocheted yellow flowering plant. If you want to make one, check out this video tutorial.

9. Hanging Succulent in Sloth Basket

Hanging Succulent with Sloth Basket

A hanging sloth basket with a string of pearls is an attractive wall feature for the living room or bedroom. You only need a 3.5mm hook, cotton yarn, scissors, and a needle to complete this project.

10. Crochet Hanging Monstera

Crochet Hanging Monstera


Watch this YouTube tutorial to handcraft a pothos plant and the hanging basket. Anyone with basic crocheting skills can complete this project.

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