Wind chimes are valued for their decorative use and pleasing sound. Here we have a list of crochet dream catchers free patterns which will be very engrossing.

1. Beachy Crochet Dream Catcher Free Pattern

Crochet Dream Catchers Free Patterns 1According to Feng Shui, wind chimes bring positive energy to your home. Beachy crochet windchime a great choice for that! Here is the DIY.

2. Planet Penny Knitting

Crochet Dream Catchers Free Patterns 2Use yarn balls to create this fantastic DIY project. The tutorial is here!

3. DIY Wind Chime

Crochet Dream Catchers Free Patterns 3With the video tutorial available here you can create these musical wind chimes.

4. Rainbow Baby Mobile

This colorful rainbow baby mobile is excellent for hanging over the baby crib. The detailed tutorial is available at the whoot.

5. Plastic Canvas Wind Chime

This wind chime is in plastic canvas pattern and makes a cool addition for porch, patio or indoors. We found the idea at Craft drawer.

6. Wall hanging Wind Chime

You can make this wonderful DIY wind chime project by taking help from this tutorial.

7. Yarn Wind Chime

Replicate this idea by using yarn and watching the video we found here.

8. Beautiful Wind Chime

Make this gorgeous and versatile wind chime by following the steps in this video tutorial.

9. Bangles Wind Chime

Use bangles and wool to make this wind chime which will improve the aesthetics of your house. Here is the video for steps.

10. DIY Woolen WInd Chime

An ideal wind chime for decorating your home this festive season. Click here for the detailed tutorial.

11. DIY Wall Hanging Wind Chime

Employ your knowledge of crocheting to create this charming wind chime. Take the inspiration from this video here!

12. Pom-Pom Wind Chime

Create pom-pom using wool to complete this DIY wall hanging wind chime project. Click here to understand the steps.

13. Recycled Wind Chime

Reuse old rubber bands to create this showy wind chime. Follow this video tutorial for the procedure.

14. Wall hanging woolen pom

You can quickly get the supplies to create this wind chime at your home, and it’ll be ready in no time. This video will provide all the help you need to make it.