Design DIY Crochet Reptiles for your kids or home decor by following these easy and Free Crochet Animal Patterns!

DIY Crochet ReptilesCrocheting reptiles can be a fun and creative way to decorate your home or make adorable toys for your kids. Below are some free crochet animal patterns for creating various reptiles. Remember to gather the necessary crochet supplies, including yarn, crochet hooks, stuffing, and safety eyes if you prefer to use them.

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DIY Crochet Reptiles

1. Crochet Chameleon

DIY Crochet Reptiles

Although this chameleon won’t change color, it’s still a great addition to home decor. Get more info here!

2. Tiny Turtle

Place this cute little turtle on the shelf or as a centerpiece to bring the aquatic feel to your home. The steps are available here.

3. New Year Snake

DIY Crochet Reptiles 2

Making this little snake is easy as it requires minimum sewing for the body. One of the best DIY Crochet Reptiles Ideas to try in this list, check out the tutorial at little muggle.

4. Gecko Amigurumi

You can use crocheted Gecko Amigurumi as a prop to scare others and have fun. The video tutorial is here.

5. Bigger Frog

DIY Crochet Reptiles 3

A perfect replacement for plastic toys found in the market. Your kids will love playing with this enormous frog. For more details, click here!

6. Crochet Turtle Applique

Crochet turtle makes a fitting applique for many crochet items. Learn more here.

7. Cute Crochet Turtle

DIY Crochet Reptiles 4

Another turtle idea is sleeping, and looks very adorable. We found the video tutorial here.

8. Crochet Sea Turtle

This stuffed sea turtle is a fun way to utilize your summer vacation. Get more info at Whistle and Ivy.

9. Rainbow Loomigurumi Snake

DIY Crochet Reptiles 5

Who said snakes are scary? These multicolored snakes are very lovable. Create them of any length you want by watching this video tutorial.

10. Gecko Frecko

When looking at these free crochet animal patterns, you can’t miss this gecko frecko tutorial here.

11. Turtle Tales Bookmark

DIY Crochet Reptiles 6

This turtle tale bookmark is perfect for those who love turtles and books. Visit Ravelry for the tutorial.

12. Crocheted Chameleon

Not only kids but adults will also be unable to resist this splendid chameleon’s cuteness. The detailed tutorial is available at lilleliis.

13. Toto The Crocodile

DIY Crochet Reptiles 8

Toto crocodile doesn’t have sharp, hard scales; they are soft and fluffy. Make this charming crocodile by following the link here.

14. DIY Chameleon

Grab a green yarn to make this DIY chameleon. You can learn to make this by reading the steps here.

15. Crotchet Alligator

DIY Crochet Reptiles 9

Create an appealing alligator for your kids to play with. You can also use it for decorating the wall. The step-by-step tutorial is available at repeatcrafterme.

16. Crochet Snake Pattern

Showcase your creativity by creating these crochet snake patterns! Get the tutorial on repeatcrafterme.

18. Chain Stitch Snake

DIY Crochet Reptiles 10

The idea is from Make and Takes and is undoubtedly an easy way to make a snake by chain stitching. They have also provided a video tutorial.

19. Crochet Iguana Amigurumi

Create a lively crocheted iguana with the help of this video tutorial. The finished amigurumi will be a charming addition to your collection.

20. Snake Keychain Holder

DIY Crochet Reptiles 11

Make a practical and stylish keychain holder in the shape of a cute crocheted snake. Carry your keys in a fun and eye-catching way.

21. Crochet Lizard Applique

This adorable lizard applique pattern adds a touch of reptilian charm to your projects. Perfect for embellishing bags, hats, and more.

22. Amigurumi Crocodile

DIY Crochet Reptiles 30

Craft a huggable amigurumi crocodile that will bring the kids at home joy. Pick your favorite color yarns and get crocheting!

23. Chubby Chameleon Coaster

Crochet a whimsical chameleon-shaped coaster to protect your surfaces with a dash of fun and color.

24. Slithering Snake Scarf

DIY Crochet Reptiles 33

Stay warm and fashionable with this unique snake-inspired crochet scarf pattern. Take inspiration from here.

25. Gecko Lizard Crochet Pattern

DIY Crochet Reptiles 78

Create a lovable gecko lizard with this pattern. The finished crocheted lizard will make a charming decoration or a wonderful gift for reptile enthusiasts. Watch the tutorial here!

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